It Is Nothing Like Carpool Karaoke

It Is Nothing Like Carpool Karaoke


By: Renee Hartz

I am pretty new to the preschool pick-up line.  What I have learned thus far is that whether it is an after school program or daycare; pick up lines are a nightmare!  All you do is wait and wait for your darling rug rat. When picking up your child, you must have proper identification & an identification number on your car.

Picture courtesy of Tampa Bay Times.

I appreciate this. The more security, the better, especially today. Once you finally get to the front of the line and can retrieve your child, you are hoping for a brief update on how your child ate & what they did today.  Instead, you hurried off so the next parent can get their child.  It is a long and dreadful procedure.  Seeing that smiling face and the words, “Hi, Mama,” make up for the painful experience.

Check out this website to find out ten ways to kill time:

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